My name is Hoil Lee. I am a Ph.D. student in KAIST Dept of Mathematical Sciences. I study probability theory, and my advisor is Paul Jung.

Research interests

  • Probability theory – Infinite and finite exchangeability, random graphs and graph limits (graphons).
  • Statistical learning – Networks with heavy-tailed behavior.


[1] “\alpha-Stable convergence of heavy-tailed infinitely-wide neural networks”, submitted (arXiv:2106.11064), with Paul Jung, Jiho Lee, and Hongseok Yang.

Solutions Manual to Durrett’s Probability: Theory and Examples, 5th edition

Wonjun Seo, one of my freinds in SNU statistics, and I are working on a project where we make solutions to every exercise problem in Durrett’s Probability: Theory and Examples, 5th edition. Here is the latest (incomplete) version of it. (Last updated on Sep 9, 2021)

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